Imagine a life where anxiety is manageable

Anxiety can be different for each of us which means that treatment can differ from one person to the next.

I’m sure if you are one of those who walk with anxiety at your side every day that you will recognize the challenges represented in this graphic.

You probably have a whole heap more symptoms you wrestle with because of anxiety.

Sometimes you are aware of the reason you have anxiety for example medication you are taking, or maybe it’s related to hormonal issues (this is pretty common) or you can link it directly to a past or current stress or trauma.

And sometimes you have no idea why you have anxiety but you do and it is debilitating and it sucks!

It isn’t just about being a bit nervous before exams or a performance or a date; when your anxiety includes some or all of the symptoms listed in the above picture it’s pretty much messing with your day-to-day life!

I get it!

I used to have panic attacks, I was an insomniac for years, I had crazy palpitations, I didn’t want to go out, my memory was awful, as was the brain fog and a heap more. Anyway, you know what I’m talking about.

Thankfully, I had the “toolkit” to work on it, and work it did. Yay! Acupuncture and herbal formulas helped me.

A good magnesium might help you and I’m sure by now you have tried some of the proven strategies such as meditation or yoga and/or breathing strategies. I have heard from patients that some of the various calm/meditation/breathing apps help. Always worth a try.

Some patients rely on Rescue Remedy some don’t find it useful at all.

I’m very happy to speak with you, I know how truly awful anxiety can be.

You can give me a call or make an appointment by booking online now.

Big hugs and go gently, gorgeous Peeps.

Wendi x

PS graphic courtesy of Mental Health Awareness (Mental Health Services)

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