Supporting your fertility & hormone health journey

With Dr Wendi Williams

For those trying to conceive

Whatever your fertility journey looks like, no matter who you are or what you've already tried, you deserve to be staring into the eyes of your newborn baby.

I need help with my hormones

Hormones are incredible and miraculous little molecules... Until they make your life miserable! It doesn't need to be that way and it definitely isn't normal.

Pregnancy & postpartum support

There is so much happening in your body during pregnancy and after your baby arrives, for some of us, this can be a very challenging time. You are not alone.


Meet Wendi

With 30 years experience, 11 years of tertiary education and a crazy passion to consume the latest information in my field, I am delighted and privileged that I might get to help and support you on your unique journey.

I am here for you whether you’d like support with balancing hormones and support in striving for a healthy menstrual cycle, having a healthy pregnancy and then holding a beautiful, healthy baby in your arms or to support you through what can be a crazy ride through perimenopause and menopause.

You deserve to be able to do what it is you really want to do with energy and joy!

Wendi x